Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bustin' Down The Door

ANOTHER surf movie!
I remember sitting in a John Waters Q+A session and he told the audience that every person in the auditorium should be making a movie....there are a million stories just waiting to be told.
Bustin' Down The Door is one of those stories. Set in the Hawaiian winter of 1975, it describes how the South African and Australian influx really shifted the sport of surfing.
Speaking of which, I saw Michael Tomson last night at an Italian restaurant in Laguna Beach. And he was meeting....Joel Cooper! Those two created Gotcha Sportswear for anyone age 30 and under..... Talk about a huge influence. It was good to see those guys, so many people that came out of Gotcha went on to become mega-successful. And they owe a large part of that to Michael and Joel.
And how cool were Lightning Bolt surfboards??? The ultimate in cool.

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