Monday, June 9, 2008

12@ELDEN Update

The homes are getting their stucco finish coat.
We are using a "green" product from EXPO Stucco, I found them at a green resource trade show at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium a few months ago. Their product uses 10% post consumer recycled product and it counts towards LEED points (BTW, we are NOT going for LEED certification).
We are using what is called a "color coat stucco", meaning the color is mixed into the stucco mix itself. The color choices they offered were the usual bland stucco muck; we managed to punch up the color by doubling the color mix to the stucco.
Additionally what this does is eliminate the need to paint the exterior, thus using even LESS material on the jobsite. This is a good thing.
bettershelter says: MAKE IT GREEN!

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