Friday, July 11, 2008

One Way To Add On

A remodel designed by Winy Maas.
Winy worked under Rem Koolhaas and went on to form the design group MVRDV.
Says the New York Times: "MVRDV’s signature “obsession” — the word Maas uses for it — is density: the idea of using urban space intensely to create a sustainable future.
The result, Didden Village, is literally a blue-sky solution to the Didden family’s problem. It is an architectural palimpsest, a new structure added to an old one, in line with MVRDV’s mission to make existing spaces work harder. The “village” consists of three bedrooms built on the roof: a big room for the parents and two smaller, semi-detached ones for the two boys, each a distinct houselike shape and separated symbolically by what Maas describes as “a main street.” The whole represents both the connections between the family members and their need to go their own ways."
See the article from NYT here.
We like the idea of existing spaces "working harder".
bettershelter says: BRAVO!

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