Friday, September 5, 2008

Philip-Lorca diCorcia - Closing Soon At LACMA

Closing Sept 14, photos by Philip-Lorca diCorcia at LACMA.
This exhibition features works from his key series of the past twenty years including Hustlers, Streetwork, Heads, and Lucky 13. His merging of a high degree of photographic preconception with the happenstance of street casting has become an influential mode of contemporary practice and secured diCorcia's place in photography's pantheon. For example, in his series Hustlers (1990–92), diCorcia selected locations along Santa Monica Boulevard, typically at twilight or night. The artist would then cast hustlers on the streets around him as his subjects.

Says The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research: "This isn’t a documentary about prostitutes, but fictions depicting a Hollywood myth of prostitutes. DiCorcia is thinking about the idea of selling images – whether it’s photos, or people using their looks to sell themselves, or people hiring prostitutes to fulfill a fantasy in their heads."

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