Friday, October 17, 2008

12@ELDEN On The News!

Jane Monreal from KABC News dropped into 12@ELDEN the other day to see what we were up to.
KABC featured 12@ELDEN in a news segment about "how to be creative and green on a budget". The piece was about how no one considers used furniture or antiques as being "green", when in fact they are actually the greenest thing around. Think about it, the couch lying around at the Salvation Army or Rose Bowl took NO resources to make (except maybe the gas to transport it there). was already made and on this planet, just hanging around!
The more things you can re-use/recycle, the better! That is the message!
Stay out of the mall and head to the thrift stores! And buy something USED.
By doing just that your carbon footprint will be waaay lighter than if you bought some "recycled" thing-a-ma-bob.....
See the news piece HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I think the new buzz word is FRUGAL.

Second hand shopping is not only fun and green, it's frugal.