Saturday, November 1, 2008

Andrew Virtue At Greystone Show House 2008

Our good friend Andrew Virtue is participating in the Greystone Show House 2008.
Says the LA Times: "Veranda magazine editor-at-large Carolyn Englefield, lined up 28 interior and landscape designers from Southern California and beyond -- a list that includes Martyn, Lawrence-Bullard, Suzanne Rheinstein, Windsor Smith, Rose Tarlow and David Phoenix. Englefield's directive: Create the feel of a Great Gatsby-style home taken into the 21st century." Her second request, perhaps even harder to fulfill: "Make it feel like a real home."

We had Andrew decorate one of our model homes at 1.7 Ocean, his home looked FANTASTIC and people LOVED IT.
We know Andrew to be extremely talented and creative.
Bravo, Andrew!
Andrew's room at Greystone

Andrew's home at 1.7 OceanAndrew relaxing in his 1.7 Ocean bungalow

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