Sunday, November 23, 2008

How Green is 12@ELDEN?

Q: What is so “green” about 12@ELDEN?
A: We have incorporated many features into 12@ELDEN that are green. Among those features are: tankless water heaters, solar panel compatibility, low flow faucets + toilets, native Ca landscaping, underground drip landscape irrigation, “bio-swale” feature, organic community gardens, dual paned windows and doors, FSC hardwood flooring, recycled stucco material, color coated stucco on exterior walls (no paint), low VOC glue for flooring and recycled bathroom glass tile. 90% staged furniture is vintage. Additionally, all wood, metal and pipes that were taken out of homes during construction process were seperated and recycled. Much of the wood taken out was put back into the homes as a way to reduce waste. We were mindful not to increase the square footage of homes, thus creating a home that is more energy efficient than a typical American home. Smaller homes use less energy.*
*The average American home grew from 1,700 square feet in 1970
to over 2,400 square feet in 2004.
In contrast, typical size of a family home in European Union nations is currently 970 square feet.
As our natural resources dwindle and become more expensive, home size plays a role in being green.

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