Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So Sweet!

This You Tube video was mentioned in NYT by Heather O'Neill.
Says Heather: "The video is basically a compilation of clips from other YouTube videos that kids have made of themselves dancing in their basements. It’s all set to a song by a band called Tomboyfriend.
It’s pretty clear in each clip that there is either no one behind the camera or another teenager holding it. Each scene captures teenagers experiencing joy utterly un-self-consciously, acting in ways that would make any adult who walked in say, “What the . . . ?”
As I watched, I suddenly remembered this part of being a teenager. Half the time they’re doing something incredibly bad — tying another kid to a pole with the belt from their school uniform or smoking pot in the alley. That’s what teenagers are famous for. But you forget the side of them that just lives in the moment and laughs all afternoon and feels a rock song the way adults never can and spends all day looking for the most original way to shout out: “I am here! I am me!”

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