Saturday, December 27, 2008

With Aid From The State, Californians Warm To Rooftop Solar Power

Today's LA Times article says: "Applications for state rebates to install solar panels hit their highest level ever in December, one of the few bright spots in an otherwise gloomy economy. Rooftop solar will get even more attractive in January. Congress recently expanded federal investment tax credits for residential solar arrays. Starting next year, homeowners will be eligible for tax breaks of up to 30% of the entire cost of their projects. Those benefits had previously been capped at $2,000 per system.
For consumers who still can't afford to purchase, SolarCity has a residential leasing option. It lets them put solar on their roofs without the hefty upfront costs. Customers cut their power bills while the rebates and tax credits flow to SolarCity, which maintains ownership of the panels."

All homes at 12@ELDEN are solar panel compatible; one of the model homes are already equipped with the energy saving panels from SolarCity. Check it out!

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