Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Eichler House In Granada Hills Gets Restored On A Budget

From an article in the LA Times.
Says the Times: When Cindy Epping and her partner, Harvey Horton, bought the Joseph Eichler-designed house in Granada Hills in 2007, the place was a mess. The fact that it had never been remodeled was actually a selling point. "We like the purist point of view," says Cindy. "It makes everything easier." Up to a point. When fixing their own home, the owners were faced with the challenge of preserving its vintage character on a relatively modest budget."
It looks great, they did a good job.
It also turns out Cindy runs an online business, One Stop Modern.
We purchased our exterior light fixtures from One Stop Modern for our 12@ELDEN project! It is the round nautical-looking fixture next to door.
Small world!

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