Friday, January 30, 2009

Featured In Riviera Magazine

Riviera Magazine recently asked me what defines OC , they were kind enough to ask for my opinion, thanks for that.
My response is simple: all the great people who have an idea and then turn that idea into reality....those types of people have courage and conviction and they are the ones who shape and shift how we live and see things.
Those are the people who define OC and make it so great.
My hat is off to all the dreamers!! Keep it up!


sweetb said...

love that you have a blog.. I'm officially subscribing.. or just checking or whatever..

A Jeff Yokayama statue would be so much better than the "Cardiff Kook".

What is the name of the french fry burrito place in Pasadena...trying to recommend.. yes, not exactly in the same vein (vain???) as the Goodells, but...

bettershelter said...

Rick's in Pasadena!
Official home of the spuderito!