Saturday, February 7, 2009

Atelier Bow-Wow-Small Case Study House

At the REDCAT:
Bow-Wow developed the term "pet architecture"--a style of small, ad hoc, multifunctional structures that make the most of limited space. Using the framework of art galleries or museums to experiment with form and behavior, Bow-Wow's newly commissioned project for REDCAT is the culmination of an extended Los Angeles residency period, during which they researched the Case Study House program and made this postwar project a point of departure in thinking about domestic dwellings. Informed by the principles of the program--which enlisted architects to design low-cost homes for the masses with prefabricated materials--as well as the urban dynamics of contemporary Los Angeles, Bow-Wow's Small Case Study House responds to contemporary models for housing in L.A. as they relate to concepts of customization, re-use, and "architectural behaviorology."

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