Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vertical Plant Walls

A recent article this week in the Los Angeles Times features vertical plant walls.
I have been a huge fan of plant walls for a long time, I have mentioned them before on this blog.

Plant walls have a surreal quality to them, they remind me of the Maurice Sendak book, "Where The Wild Things Are". I loved that book as a kid. Still do.

I teach a design class at Orange Coast College; I showed some examples of vertical plant walls in one of my classes and when it came time for the students to do their final design projects, lo and behold, some of them incorporated plant walls into their designs.

I used a plant wall for the entry to 12@ELDEN, it helped the whole project to break up the scale.

bettershelter says: DO IT VERTICAL STYLE!
Where The Wild Things Are, below
12@ELDEN, below
OCC class project, below. Pretty good!Below is another example of a plant wall, not as organic,
more design oriented but a great solution.

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