Monday, July 19, 2010

1.7 Ocean - A Few Years Later

I recently visited 1.7 Ocean and LOVED how the complex is looking.
It is just as we pictured it; the buildings have aged a bit, the landscaping has filled WAY in and the whole place has softened in a good way. You can barely see the bungalows!
Still loving the "green" carports!

A great place to call home.


Don said...

Glad to hear the development is aging the way you expected. In fact, my wife and I are finalizing a deal to buy one of them and going into escrow hopefully this week. Looking forward to living there as it's exactly what we wanted. (Although 12@Elden would have done nicely too.)

Nice work, and glad we'll get to be a part of it soon.

bettershelter said...

Congratulations Don!!
I'm sure you guys will love 1.7 Ocean and the neighborhood!

john said...
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