Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey, This Sounds Familiar!

Ian Schrager's name is synonymous with design, hospitality and relevance.
In a great interview, he talks about delegating:

"It’s always an issue for me, delegating.
Because everything I do I think is a personal reflection on me.
I’m maniacal about every detail, and I think it’s very personal.
For me, I never know what detail is responsible for pushing something over the top, and therefore every detail becomes a matter of life or death.
I think that’s been the key. I’ve been fortunate to be successful, and I think anyone who is successful has that kind of mania.
It’s not quite certain what it is that makes something so successful. So therefore every single aspect, every single element, every single fact, the height of the table, everything is important. It’s like something becomes combustible, and you put it all together and it makes a spark. And you can’t really talk about that."

I could not have said it better!
Read whole interview HERE

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