Sunday, December 5, 2010

Great Email From A bettershelter Homebuyer!

I received this from someone who recently purchased one of our homes, needless to say I was thrilled to get an email like this:

We absolutely love our home!!!
The whole series of events has been quite serendipitous from the start. I am a graphic designer and run a marketing company, so I started following the Better Shelter blog just because I like your design aesthetic so much.
It was on a total whim that I emailed your real estate agent. I never thought we could afford what we wanted, so when they showed us the house and told us the asking price, we were floored.
We went from not even having an agent to being in escrow within 24 hours!
First time home-ownership is such a wonderful experience to begin with, but we don't own just any home, we own a home that is a perfect expression of us (we're both artists) and has everything we ever dreamed of in a first house..right down to the french doors that open onto a sunny deck with fabulous views. We even have a bonus 2nd bathroom and a basement "man cave" we never thought we could get in our price range.

I can't sing Better Shelter's praises enough. At our housewarming party our friends were so impressed. We told them all to buy houses from you! Your level of service has been so above and beyond at every point along the line. Even now, when you could very easily say, "Not my problem," you are still here for us. I can't say enough about your company and what you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Thank you! We strive to provide all our customers with an amazing product at a great price.


Richard said...

I'm a big fan also we have been in the area 7 years now and welcome what you have accomplished only wish we could purchase one of your homes but alas we are settled in our home here. Wish you more success in the new year.
And to our new neighbors welcome to the neighborhood.

bettershelter said...

Thanks Richard!
We appreciate the support.