Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jason Herber

I saw Jason Herber's photos on display at Arclight Hollywood.
Boy, could I relate.

I have been through SO many of the homes like he has photographed, it was like deja vu.
Sometimes it is so sad going through these places, all the hopes and dreams and whatever just gone.

From Jason's website:
When the current recession reached it’s depths in the Summer of 2009, I began photographing foreclosed residences throughout Southern California.
These environments hint at the tragic stories their empty walls leave behind.
Reflecting back on the photos of these spaces, I can feel the cobwebs in my hair, hear the chirping of the neglected fire detectors, see the stickers and wall drawings left by children, and smell the various scents of an abandoned home.
It saddens me to wonder what realities the families that left these places now face. Putting my emotions aside, I stay dedicated to documenting these troubling and unexplainable environments that only exist because of these current economic times.
The American Dream, repossessed.

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