Thursday, January 6, 2011

Judging A Book By Its Cover

We use lots of books in our staging, I love the way books complete a room (you should see my house, mine however are arranged a BIT more haphazard!)

Great article in the New York Times on books as decorative item
See article HERE

tree sculpture made from books, below

I love the quote by Federico Uribe, a Colombian conceptual artist working in Miami: "Most people destroy trees to make books, I destroy books to make trees."
HA! Love that.


adellaavenue said...

The tree sculptures are amazing!



Anonymous said...

I have a lot of design books. i just recently took off all the paper covers to reveal all the different colors of linen binding and some pretty cool embossed designs on the front covers. also i love the ones that have the gold leafed titles underneath. was like a little surprise every time i removed a cover. fun post!!

Tina said...

my dear, we would love to see YOUR house!! You must blog about it sometime!

Rachel said...

what!! that is crazy awesome!