Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Shipping Container Conversion

From Inhabitat:

"California Builder Transforms Backyard Into Shipping Container Work Space."

When Oakland designer and builder Stephen Schoup's firm, building Lab inc, grew too big for his old backyard workshop, he thought long and hard on how to increase his workspace in a sustainable way.
After much deliberation, he settled on an L-shaped shipping container office space where he could incorporate many of the leftover materials and supplies he had laying around. The newly created backyard office balances the warehouse-style home and creates a charming courtyard in between.

The containers were placed on pier foundations, a far simpler and less resource intensive process than full foundations.

The exterior of the containers were insulated and clad in cement board siding, salvaged lumber from deconstruction and leftover redwood siding provide a warmer look, and were further painted to match the exterior of the house.

Looks great!

bettershelter says: SHIP IT!!


fiftyRX3 is a said...

it is inhabitat...

come on guys.

bettershelter said...

Noted! Thanks for pointing that out!

the danyelle organization said...

thanks for the update! the owner of the site is a good friend who works like a madwoman, so good to see them get props.

love what you guys are doing out there in LA btw.

best wishes from NYC.