Monday, March 7, 2011

Pop Up Restaurant

I had the opportunity to attend a "pop-up" restaurant put on by Steve Fortunato, owner of Room Forty.
The restaurant was placed, located, plopped, what-have-you at the Dandelion Ranch, a florist designer's workshop off Jefferson Blvd.

The event was nothing short of miraculous and magical.

Room Forty partnered with a few select wineries from Paso Robles and everyone sat at long communal tables. There were over 40 people present and I am here to declare that everyone had a great time!
The food was as good as it gets, the location was surprising, delightful and unexpected....all at the same time! I don't drink wine, but apparently everyone else seemed to be enjoying that!
I would urge everyone to attend one of these events.
Steve shared that this was their 82nd event like that, they do them in both OC and LA.
And they stage them in different locations each time.

My lame phone pix do not do it justice, it was AMAZING.

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