Thursday, April 21, 2011

bettershelter Promoting Sustainability AND Community

We had to tear down 4 barn spaces in the back of a property we are working on.
The barns had to be close to 100 years old.
The city said they had to go.

The first 2 barns made it into Schodorf’s Luncheonette (blogged about here already).
We posted the last 2 barns on Craigslist and the wood was picked up for a treehouse project in Silver Lake!
The owner emailed us pix to show us the results.
I was floored, no pun intended!

Last of the barns on our property, below
exterior shot of Silver Lake treehouse, below
wood flooring made from our old barn wood! AMAZING!Thanks to Chris for making all this happen.


Theresa said...

love how others want to keep what is old an beautiful going!

Anonymous said...

This is SO cool! I agree with Theresa!