Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cliff May Home Tour

I went on a Cliff May home tour in San Diego recently.

"Cliff May, unlike other architects, did not initially desire to become an architect. In fact, he did not become a certified architect until the last years of his life. His career as a designer began soon after he dropped out of college.

A student who excelled in music, May attended San Diego State College, but due to the Great Depression, dropped out and joined his parents’ neighbors, the Styris family, to design and build furniture.

His work sold so well, he was encouraged to place his Monterey style furniture in a new home that was for sale. The house was soon sold, and it was due primarily to May’s furniture.

May continued to place his furniture in homes, and the homes continued to sell fast.

His popularity encouraged May to decide to design and build a home himself."

He built his first home when he was 23!

The homes were great, lots of well thought out details that still work well for today's homes.

Loving the garage door designs!


domicile interior design said...

so good!! i heart!s

bettershelter said...

Thanks Ms Domicile!

adellaavenue said...

So jealous! I was hoping to catch this, but just could not work it out with my schedule. You're right, those garage doors are amazing. Thanks for posting some pics for those of us that missed out!