Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Surfing Essay

The Surfing Essay, photographs by Anthony Friedkin.

drkrm gallery
727 S Spring St
Los Angeles
Sept 17-Oct 29, 2011

“The Surfing Essay” spans more than three decades, beginning in the mid-sixties and continuing to the present.
There is no romanticizing the surf scene in the “B
each Blanket Bingo” spirit in these photos.
Instead, viewers are privy to a grit
ty, behind-the-scenes look at the time spent on the other side of PCH.
Friedkin's beautiful shots of the ocean and waves serve as a counterpoint to the sense of danger and decay in the images of people and the beach, yet in all the images, it feels like lives might be threatened.
The viewer is put on edge, on the brink of
something unknown, and possibly fearsome.
The Surfing Essay is part of Pacific Standard Time

description from Malibu Times

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