Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tom Sachs Is So Rad

I saw Tom Sachs' show in NY recently.

"I thank the Lord I'm allowed to work everyday" - James Brown

"In the James Brown series, Sachs celebrates James Brown’s (“The Godfather of Soul”), religion of work.
Not only a musician, but also a key figure who helped define African American and American culture in the 20th century, Brown reinvented himself and innovated his industry many times over. Everyday objects from Brown’s life have now become collectible relics.
Sachs uses these real artifacts as a starting point for works in his James Brown series."

On view at Sperone Westwater through Dec 17.

James Brown Listening Station, 2009
James Brown's Hair Products, 2009
James Brown's Hair Products (detail), 2009
James Brown's Hair Products (detail), 2009James Brown's Last Supper, 2009
James Brown's Last Supper (detail), 2009

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