Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 Questions - The Modern Beachcomber

One in an ocassional series.
Jim Olarte, AKA The Modern Beachcomber has influenced the worlds of fashion, vintage fashion, the surf industry and interior design, to name a few.
Here we get a peek into his life:
1.    Who are you and where do you live?
I am a native Californian who "dabbles" in many mediums.
Known to be an Artist / Friend / Art Director / Beach Comber & a little outspoken with a very specific point of view. but a team player as well... 
I Live in South Laguna Beach in a small Beach cottage  which doubles as my work space...
2.    What have you been working on lately?
A lot of various projects.
I am always beach combing & making "art" out of recycled oceanic Detritus.
I make Macrame, Shells, Fiberglass, Aluminum on a large scale out of my findings. 
I have been commissioned to create installations for various companies.
Last December I worked on Macrame panels for ROXY...
3.    What or who inspires you right now
The Ocean & tide-pools, The Rodarte sisters, Tony Duquette & Prada.
4.    What are your great new finds?
Beach tumbled Fiberglass..and always Books.
5.     What makes you happy?
Beach Combing, Creating Environments for Photo-shoots, the creating process.
When I'm making something I get a sense of fulfillment & and happiness.

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Blake Wilson said...

WOW! What a Nice Pics collection i have read your article and i am really very inspired from you.
Thanks for sharing with us.

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