Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catherine Opie & Cliff May

 Catherine Opie photographs 2 Cliff May homes for the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at UC Santa Barbara.

From the NYT: "Opie’s photographs are portraits of the houses, revealing their individual identities and the qualities that have ensured their enduring appeal.
“Cliff May is not as celebrated as Schindler or Neutra,” Opie says, “But he should be. The simplicity of his designs is amazing, and I really appreciate how he incorporated a real California persona into their post-and-beam construction.
I would live in a Cliff May house in a heartbeat.”
Opie explains that she also included portraits of the occupants “to show the warmth of the houses,” adding that “by focusing on only two of May’s designs, I got to know more about the houses.
I wanted the pictures to have more personality, just like the houses and the people who live in them.”

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