Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can't Wait To See

Says David Ansen:
"Scene for scene, shot for shot, Paul Thomas Anderson may be the most exciting American writer-director of his generation.
He’s a kind of cinematic chemist who works with unstable, dangerously flammable human particles. At any moment his characters—and his movies—are capable of exploding, and there’s no telling which way the shards will fly, or, as in Magnolia, the frogs will drop.
Think of the seething ambition of Daniel Day-Lewis’s power-hungry oil magnate in There Will Be Blood; the powder keg of anger underneath the shy Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love; the cold, narcissistic fury behind the cocky surface of Tom Cruise’s sex-guru in Magnolia; the coke-fueled desperation of the porn-world denizens in his exhilarating Boogie Nights. There are rarely conventional heroes and villains in Anderson’s emotionally charged sagas, and that’s one of the reasons his movies feel so alive; he keeps us out of the comfort zone of predictable Hollywood formulas."

His new movie "The Master" going to be soooo good.


Lizzie Dearest said...

Did we just become Cinematic Best Friends??!! I adore PT Anderson. I wrote a post about The Master last month.

I will be at Arclight the day it opens!!

bettershelter said...

Yes Lizzie! CBFs!! See you @ Arclight!!