Saturday, August 11, 2012

Laguna Beach, Circa 1977

The 3 surfboards were shaped by Greg Nichols, circa 1977.
I was a junior or senior in high school at the time

The board on the left was my brother's, the center one was mine the the right board was Greg's.
Greg had a shaping room at Kevin O'Sullivan's grandmother's home on Locust St in North Laguna.
It was originally an old horse stable barn that Greg and Kevin had cleaned up and made into a shaping room.
I remember as a kid feeling so honored to watch Greg shape my board, that place was so cool and hippy, there was nowhere else I wanted to be.
And Laguna at the time was magical, so much creativity coming out of there.

Greg then had Roger Vandevander paint the dragons on the bottom of the boards.
Roger was friends with Ed Hardy at the time who as we all know now ended up being a master tattoo can see how Roger was so influenced by Ed.
Those boards were BEAUTIFUL.
Roger is on the right, Greg is in the center and Kevin is holding my brother's board.
I loved that board so much and I remember snapping mine in half at Agate St one afternoon on the rocks.
Bummer. But that's how it goes sometimes!

The photo is a horrible 3rd generation copy, I was the one who took the picture and I'm pretty sure I used color film, who knows where that image is now, at least we  have this.