Wednesday, July 9, 2008

David Lynch's Dining Favorites

A Los Angeles resident, David Lynch's dining favorites, as profiled in the Los Angeles Times.
Says The Times: "It’s no secret that David Lynch loves Los Angeles. But did you know the acclaimed director is not exactly fond of Santa Monica? (“I like to stay away at all costs from Santa Monica,” he says.) Lynch is more of a fan of the Eastside lately; especially Silverlake and environs. “I like to drive at night through Hollywood, Echo Park and Silver Lake because of the atmosphere and because the feeling of the Golden Age of Hollywood is still alive.”
We have been a huge fan of Mr. Lynch for a long time and we agree with his assessment.
See the list here.
bettershelter says: EAT IT!

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Anonymous said...

Lynch likes Bob's Big Boy!

Do you remember the old Big Boy combos way back when? A burger, fries, and a salad (in the triangular bowl) all set in a sectioned ceramic plate with an ice cold Coca-Cola...Didn't get much better than that.