Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sewer Spill Alert - LAGUNA BEACH

From today's LA Times: "Four miles of fouled Orange County coastline will remain closed to swimmers through Friday afternoon after 580,000 gallons of raw sewage gushed from a Laguna Beach pump station early Wednesday morning, local health officials said today.
The spill is the worst in the county in at least nine years.
Says Laguna Beach city manager Ken Frank: "It's still very disruptive to go to the beach and have signs say, 'The beach is closed, sewage spill,' " Frank said. "We want to make sure we take all the steps that we can possibly take to make the system as safe as possible."
Oh really, Ken? DISRUPTIVE? I would say it is a bit more than that.
In addition to all the sea life (plus surfers and swimmers) that gets impacted, there is a HUGE impact to local businesses as well. I know we all play a part in this, but when the city manager thinks of some gross sewer spill as a type of minor inconvenience, the city of Laguna Beach has a huge problem on its hands. Ewww.
This little boy did not read the sign, whoops.
Don't get too close, the ocean smells like poo!

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