Monday, October 27, 2008

bettershelter Green Awards!

bettershelter is having an Orange County Green Awards party Thurs, Dec 4!
The purpose for this is to recognize and acknowledge people, places and things that have made a positive impact in Orange County for all things "GREEN".
We have 7 categories:
1. Interior design
2. Landscape design
3. Architectural design
4. Retail design
5. Products
6. Individuals
7. Companies

You are invited and encouraged to submit for a green award in any of the above areas!
The cost to enter? FREE! No charge!
Award entry form can be found on bettershelter website:

All of this will coincide with the launch of our newest development, 12@ELDEN, the latest, greatest in green design and all around awesome development!
The party will take place at 12@ELDEN in Costa Mesa.
Thurs, Dec 4
2379 Elden Ave
Costa Mesa 92627
Any questions email to:
May the GREEN prevail!!

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