Monday, November 3, 2008

bettershelter Green Award Nominee: EARTHPACK

Prez Dave Bock, below

Earthpack is one of bettershelter's Green Awards submissions.
Founded by Dave Bock in 1989, Earthpack was waaaay ahead of it's time in terms of attention to being "green".
Earthpack has a definitive and sincere approach to keeping a lighter carbon footprint in all aspects of business; from the product they sell to their offices to their employee incentives, this company walks the walk.
For example, if an employee drives a car that gets more than 40 mpg, they get a $150 monthly car allowance!
We acknowledge Earthpack for its commitment!
bettershelter says: bag it!

1 comment:

Lola Da Vinci said...

Thanks for letting us know that there are companies out there that contribute to our future in more ways than ONE!

Now I will find out what Earthpack is and does to support them back!

The good will gesture continues on.........