Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Site Visit: Our Lady Of Angels

I had the opportunity to walk through Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral with the artist J. Michael Walker, whose installation "All the Saints of the City of the Angels" is on view, ending April 12.
I had seen the art at the Autry Museum last year and now at Our Lady Michael has assembled them in a series of chapels with themes such as "The Chapel Of Poverty, Humility and Dignity" and "The Chapel Of Accepting The Other".

Says J. Michael Walker: "Back in spring 2000 I was thumbing through the index of the Thomas Guide, a book of Los Angeles street maps, when it struck me how many streets there are named for saints - in this city named for a saint (Our Lady of the Angels). I decided to track the histories of all these streets, and the stories of all these saints, to see how they might connect - and what their moments of convergence might say about our cultural heritage. The result, in over one hundred paintings and dozens of stories, poems, and songs, is my meditation on, and tribute to, Los Angeles."

Needless to say, the show is great and once again gives great insight the the city of Los Angeles.

J Michael Walker, below

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