Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kitchen Countertop Options

Some options to consider in the countertop world:

Cast glass ultraclear countertops by CBD Glass Studios are stronger than you might imagine, and offer an unexpectedly frosty look to the kitchen. They’re also heat and scratch resistant.
Alkemi is a showstopper—with thousands of recycled aluminum shavings embedded in the surface, it adds sparkle and shimmer to the kitchen.
Bio-Glass is a luminous sustainable countertop material made from 100 percent recycled, and 100 percent recyclable, compressed-glass chips. Colors are provided by the raw source material: wine, beer, and water bottles. I have used this material before in a retail project, the look is amazing.
Teragren parquet butcher block offers all the toughness and utility of an end-grain wood countertop, but is made from eco-friendly bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource.

Thanks to Elle Decor for info

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Ryan said...

The glass does not have that effect what granite slabs will have for ever.