Friday, April 23, 2010

100 Artists See Satan: THE FUNDRAISER

Mark your calendars, the opening for "100 Artist See Satan-THE FUNDRAISER": Saturday, June 26, 7pm-10pm at Grand Central Art Center
Says the release:

"100 Artists See Satan: The Fundraiser is a fundraiser thinly disguised as an exhibition.

The fundraiser is a devilishly-conceived-to-raise-money spin-off of the critically acclaimed 2004 GCAC exhibition and publication 100 Artists See Satan.

Unlike the original exhibition in this version all the art will be for sale with proceeds supporting the art center.

To raise even more money, the Forum has arranged for Grammy award-winning graphic and packaging designer, Hugh Brown to design Satan’s Credit Card. 666 of these cards will be sold for $50 each (the 666th card, however, will be sold for a hell of a lot of money).

The exhibition will include artists Mark Ryden, Ron English, Todd Schorr, Camille Rose Garcia, Charles Krafft, Hugh Brown, Jeff Gillette, F. Scott Hess, Marnie Weber, CR Stecyk, James Lorigan, Edward Colver, Manuel Pardo, Laurie Hassold, Skot Olson, Nathan Spoor, Bigfoot, Dalek, Bale Creek Allen, Greg Gibbs, Naida Osline and more . . . "

This will be an amazing opportunity to purchase that perfect piece of art you never knew you needed for that one blank spot in your living room!

Jeffrey Vallance artwork for fundraiser

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