Thursday, August 26, 2010

New J Crew Store On Upper East Side

Lately I have been kind of obsessed with J Crew.
Under the keen eye of Mickey Drexler the brand can do no wrong!
Love the Liquor Store in Tribeca, the website and the women's stores in Malibu, etc.
Now a new mens store recently opened in NY's UES.

Says The Choosy Beggar:
"J.Crew’s just-opened men’s store on 79th & Madison. Ten years ago, the brand wouldn’t have dared invade the Upper East Side with a two-story stronghold catering to the city’s better dressed men. Yet, vitalized by a clear executive vision and a collection of first-rate partnerships, Crew can now go where ever it darn well pleases. The location is actually a natural fit for a brand that’s come to represent classic style (with a hint of old-school luxury) for a new generation of shoppers. “The feeling of luxury is new,” Frank Muytjens, VP of men’s design, told us Tuesday morning. “But it’s layered on top of the same brand values.”

Some pix courtesy of the choosy beggar, thanks

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ACL has a little video tour: