Wednesday, September 1, 2010

10 Questions: Alice Supply Co

An occassional series at bettershelter; 10 Questions where we ask the goings-ons of people, places and things.

Today we talk to Raili Clasen and Maria Barnes, founders and owners of Alice Supply Co.
Their manifesto says it all:
So we asked them the hard hitting questions:
1. Who are you and where do you live?
Maria Barnes, I live in Laguna Beach.
Raili Clasen residing in Newport Beach

2. Why did you start Alice?
It was started from a need/desire to create something that we felt had not been done. It all started with five women from the surf industry who wanted to start a company based around the sharing of prints and patterns to make dresses, pillows, shirts and so on.
We felt like that had been done so we searched harder for an idea.
One evening someone said... I have been looking for a broom that I could leave out in my kitchen and boom an idea was born.
We were the two of the five that were truly excited by the idea of making brooms, hoses, buckets, plungers and hammers etc. with prints and patterns.
The rest of the group still wanted to make dresses so two of them opened a fantastic clothing store in Laguna Beach called Laguna Supply and we started Alice Supply Co.

3. What have you been working on lately?
Maria: We are working on our Spring line right now.
Raili: The next kitchy item to succeed ping pong sets and trophies

4. Name a few retailers who carry your line.
Maria: Ron Herman, Anthropologie, Bobby Berk Home, Laguna Supply
Raili: flora grubb, ace hardware, trina turk, koontz hardware

5. Where do you find your inspiration?
Maria: What inspiration?
Raili: From the most random places... the trophy idea came from a cool old synchronized swimming trophy we saw on someone's desk...

6. What are your great new finds?
Maria: Right now we are thrilled to have found a new production person to help us manufacture our goods!!! It has been tricky.
Raili: Ode to Ice collection for Spring...

7. Who are your design influences?
Maria: I love Paul Smith and Kate Spade. Kate has such a quirky marketing sensibility.
Raili: Collectors, Andy Spade, New York City

8. Any unsung design heroes out there right now?
Maria: Too early in the morning to think of any.
Raili: Housewares from Spain and Mexico...bright, colorful, happy

9. Good restaurant tips?
Maria: Employees Only in NYC ---- Billy the owner has been in the biz forever. It is fantastic!!!!!
Raili: Ate the same amazing tuna salad at Jan's in Huntington Beach yesterday as I did in 1980...I'd pay big bucks for the secret herb dressing recipe.

10. Good shopping tips?
Maria: Jil Sander collaboration with UNIQLO...
Raili: For clothes, Madewell. ...for interesting collectibles, Partners and Spade in NYC

Thanks girls!
We love your products!Maria Barnes, left with Raili Clasenbooth from NY Gift Showphoto courtesy stylebeat

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Bonnie Jean said...

I am so happy for you. Your interview was adorable, your picture is adorable! I love my Alice stuff. Best gifts ever!