Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Roxy Store At South Coast Plaza

The Roxy store redesign is complete!
It looks awesome and is perfect for the brand.
The redesign was meant to be a light to medium remodel; we kept a lot of the existing store.

All work was done after hours, the store remained open throughout the remodel process.
It was really fun working until 4 in the morning!

back wall used actual reclaimed barnwood
we took old flea market seascape paintings and painted "Roxy" and surf spots on top of paintings

hand made artwork backlit in a lightbox made from old barnwood
repurposed vintage dressers
collage in dress rooms with lots of great images
nothing like a fancy chair monogrammed with upholstery tacks (thanks Amanda!)


Melissa said...

nice work Steve - looks great!!

Jim said...

OMG! Looks killer, but you ALWAYS create a beautiful environment for the brand!! Glad to have been a part of it! Aloha jmo

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're welcome! Was fun to help out! Looks fantastic!!!!! You did such a great job!